proud members of the brooklyn business community since 2010

Magdalena Concepts creates designs conscious of history and current global issues. Our t-shirts are printed and tagged individually by hand at our studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Every shirt is 100% original—no two are alike.

we’re truly a local, family-run business

From making screens to printing and tagging shirts, keeping production in-house gives us incredible quality control, and a complete knowledge of our product that few clothiers can claim.

We take sustainable business practices seriously, aiming to minimize our footprint while demonstrating that affordable and stylish clothing can be produced without exploitation. Our shirts are always made under fair working conditions and we donate what we cannot sell to people in need (read more about our giving philosophy and our shirt ethics).

about our people

who we are

magdalena santos, founder/creative director

Magdalena oversees all of our customer and design processes. Many of our designs stem from Magdalena’s main inspirations: NY street wear and her Polish heritage. She’s the one who answers your questions about retail orders and custom printing. And did we mention that she’s also our printing and tagging guru?

Magdalena earned her bachelor’s in Literature, Languages and the Arts at NYU. Her mixed-media art has been shown at the UN's Secretariat Building and the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts. Magdalena speaks English, Polish and Portuguese.

baby santos, vp of all things

Our little one is truly our VP of all things: model, shirt inspector, procrastination enforcer and motivator-in-chief. She has been “working” on her business inheritance since 2012. Baby speaks her very own blend of Pol-Engl-uese.

shauna armitage, marketing and PR director

Shauna is working hard to spread the word that there ARE actually t-shirts out there for grown adults. She has a BA in History and a BA in Professional Writing, the second of which led her into content creation and ultimately creative strategy. She developed a passion for helping small brands grow.

She owns the marketing consultancy, Making Moxie, where she works to inspire and uplift other women in business and in life. You may have seen her writing on Scary Mommy, Thrive Global, Pure Wander, SEM Rush, or The Violet Moon.

Not quite sure that she’s a grown adult herself, Shauna spends her spare time pretending to do yoga, traveling with her husband and three kids, exploring each new destination for a good cheeseburger, and drinking red wine out of Solo cups.

brooks behrens, accounts, sales, and production

Brooks Behrens is a fashion designer, visual artist and digital native who's worked within the borders of digital and analog aesthetics for the past five years. His specialties include 3D design, fashion design, and developing and using cross-media workflows which bootstrap the precise efficiency of computational design while retaining the human element of handmade production. 

Prior to starting at Magdalena Concepts, he received a BFA in fashion design from Parsons The New School for Design here in New York. There, he developed a passion for process, and sought to develop designs which honored their process and production while remaining efficient and repeatable, but impossible to exactly copy. For his thesis collection, titled Apotheosis, he explored the aesthetic implications of digital reproduction and material efficiency on speculative fashion design, developing digitally draped zero waste patterns and prints based on pre-rendered projection mapping. 

Brooks loves to cook, be outside exploring, engulfed in blue-light, wherever takes his imagination the furthest. 

helena sasseron, branding and creative solutions

Helena hails from São Paulo, Brazil, and has been providing creative solutions to brands big and small for the last decade. You may have seen her most recent work in Vibe, Melissa Shoes, and Coachella.