Solidarity Brooklyn Organic Baby Onesie - Red

Solidarity Onesie 1.jpg
Solidarity Onesie 1.jpg

Solidarity Brooklyn Organic Baby Onesie - Red



Our facetious Brooklyn take on the Polish Solidarność logo of the 1980's Solidarity workers' movement led by Lech Wałęsa that brought down communism in Poland. The letters pushed together like workers standing side by side in a strike line and the Polish flag rising above, this design is a nod to the great Polish communities that help keep Brooklyn colorful and cool, while gently implying solidarity with the borough itself as it transforms. Please note that this design is an original, was hand-lettered, and no copyrights were infringed upon in its creation. A favorite among adults, we've now created a version for baby. 


This onesie is nicely finished with ribbed piping at all the seams and a 3-snap closure. The finely ribbed fabric means it'll keep a nice fit as your little one grows. In our parental experience, it runs a bit small: 3-6mo lasted ours 'till 3 months, 6-12mo 'till 6, and 12-18mo 'till 15 months. Because they're cotton, they will shrink a bit in the dryer. Signature tag is screen printed at the back of the neck (we skipped the rivets for the little ones).


100% Natural Organic Cotton, not dyed or bleached.

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