up your fan base with custom t-shirts and tote bags

Got a band, business, school, or organization? Need fresh ways to engage fans and customers that's a cut above the rest?

Magdalena Concepts t-shirts and tote bags are both fashionable and practical. Our original designs grab attention, and our handcrafted shirts are comfortable—your fans and customers will proudly wear your trendsetting statements in public.

We’ll create a design unique to your brand.* And if you plan to sell shirts or use them as part of an outreach campaign, we’ll lend you some free marketing tips. Even more amazing: our shirts and bags are sweatshop-free and made in the US. Contact us about your custom t-shirt/tote bag needs.

Our clients have included Stand for Education, The Pennington School, Bat-or Kalo, and Dende and Band, among others.  


details and terms

design fee: There’s a one-time fee for designing your custom t-shirt screen (each design and color require their own screens). Screens are guaranteed for one full year, and we offer competitive pricing. Please contact us for details and a project quote.

payments:* We require a 65% deposit upon order placement, with the balance due upon receipt of your order. Payment can be made by check, PayPal, or credit card.

placing orders: Orders can be placed by phone or email. Please allow 12 business days from the date of deposit for your order to ship. There is no minimum order size. Please note that we can’t accept returns on custom orders.

available shirt sizes: We offer men’s, women’s and unisex sizing from x-small through xxx-Large, as well as a full range of sizes for babies, kids, and youth.

shirt colors: We use water-based inks, which are durable, soft to the touch and have a low impact on the environment. However, dark inks don’t appear well on dark shirts. Saturated shirt colors (red, olive green, deep blue, etc) work best with opaque inks (black, light grey, white). For more vibrant ink colors, light shirts (light yellows, blues, greens, greys or white) work best. See examples of color combos on our shop pages. Questions? Call us for some friendly guidance. We can even send you a mock-up of how your color combo of choice would look.


* All original designs are the copyright of Magdalena Concepts. Significant edits to a custom design may incur additional fees