I Wore Magdalena Concepts for A Week and This Is What Happened...

After the boredom of four years of preppy boarding school dress code, I decided I wanted a change in wardrobe and lifestyle before leaving for college. As a girl whose style is definitely not considered preppy or posh, I decided the best way to venture out into the world of fashion was to get a fashion-related internship…. So I looked to Magdalena who is an alum of my school.

We decided that she would dress me for a week! One of the major things I wanted to explore about Magdalena Concepts was seeing how versatile it could be and how t-shirts could apply to any occasion.

I would describe my style as street style with an appreciation for vintage. Often you can catch me wearing a pair of distressed jeans and my trusty dirty Sk8-hi vans or a vintage style slip dress that I found at a thrift store.

Day One: James Baldwin Muscle Tee

To start off my week, I wore the James Baldwin “Love Is A Growing Up” white muscle tank paired with some excessively ripped jeans and platform black sandals. The perfect outfit for travelling to and around New York from the New Jersey suburbs.

On my way into the city I received many compliments on my outfit, especially my shoes, which I borrowed from a friend. (Perks of going to boarding school and sharing almost everything.)

I was super excited to wear this shirt because the platforminess of the shoes compliment the blocky letters on the tank. The font on this tank is attention grabbing; I often found people staring at my shirt in attempts to unpack the message.

What was even better than the font, was the breathability and flow of the fabric. I wore it to my internship in Brooklyn, and it survived four BO-filled train trips arriving to hang out with a friend in Soho still feeling fresh.

Day Two: Frida’s Magical Eyebrow

I wore the navy blue Frida’s Magical Eyebrow dress to hang around campus, and because I do not own any gold colored shoes to match the print, I decided a light brown sort of tanish pair of Oxford shoes would give this dress a super cool touch and kinda hipster feel. A teacher commented that she wanted to buy the dress. Pretty sure compliments from the faculty means I'm winning.

Though I stand at a whopping 5’4, t-shirt dresses tend to fit me weird; they're either too short or look like I stole my dad’s XL shirt to sleep in. This one fit me so well that I didn't even have to wear legging or tights under it. (But wearing tights or stockings with a pair of boots and a camel trench coat would be a poppin outfit for the fall.)

The t-shirt dress was super comfy and moveable, the quality was amazing. I lounged all day, and it felt as nice as a pair of sweats, it just also looked like I gave a damn, unlike sweats. Personally, I think the coolest feature of this shirt is the different ways that it can be interpreted: initially, I along with many other people, saw a bird. However, once you realize they’re actually eyebrows—Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows no less—it really amplifies sense of individuality and power you feel when styling it.

Day Three: Solidarity Brooklyn

I wore the Solidarity Brooklyn red and white striped tee with high waisted shorts and very dirty white vans. (I just think dirty vans show personality.)

I own an abnormal amount of striped shirts, but that didn't stop me from adding this one to my collection. The thought was super exciting because I’m absolutely obsessed with stripes and red always looks really good on me! This shirt is really my style.

Brooklyn tshirt solidarity

Stripes, in general, are awesome because it’s such a simple print and won’t look tacky if you decide to mix prints. This is a great everyday shirt, goes perfectly with any shade of denim, and   the word “Brooklyn” in blue provides such a nice pop of color.

Sadly, shortly after this my bestie stole the shirt, and said she'd only give it back when I come visit her at college. T-shirt larceny?

Day Four: Frederick Douglass Fortitude Tee

Another internship day in Brooklyn. I wore the Frederick Douglass Fortitude Tee with black jeans, black Doc Martens, and my essential hoop earrings—not to mention a denim jacket I found in my mom's closet from the early 90’s.

This was the perfect outfit for such a gloomy day, and I was super stoked to wear this shirt.

The scoop neck was such a nice touch, and who doesn’t want Frederick on their shirt?  Freddie D as Magdalena calls him is a boss.

Frederick Douglass tshirt

Not gonna lie, my outfit was pretty dope. Hoop earrings always complete a look. and because I was missing my state track meet which was also my last ever track meet, I decided to hurdle some chairs and get some wavy pictures. Coach would be proud. Except he really wasn't. But what can I say? Internship is more fun.


Day Five: Harriet Tubman Courage Tee

I wore the Harriet Tubman Courage Tee with a high waisted black pencil skirt and another pair of dirty sk8-hi Vans. (And my hoop earrings, of course.) Because this shirt is a deep grey, it looks really classy and chic when dressed up. This whole outfit was really comfortable and I managed to look edgy yet presentable.

I decided to wear my black sk8-hi Vans to remain a little casual and incorporate my everyday style. I wore this shirt on Alumni Day at school and I happened to be on the POC (people of color) panel talking about diversity at the school, so what better way to show my black girl magic than to wear Auntie Harriet on my tee?

The teacher hosting the panel complimented the shirt and I seriously could not think of anything more perfect to wear for the occasion. 

In Conclusion

Initially I was a little worried because I’m a teenager, and I didn’t know if Magdalena’s pieces would suit my experimental sense of style. Having someone older pick out clothes for me was a little frightening, but after integrating them with what I already had in my wardrobe, I realized that Magdalena Concepts is pretty dope. I've worn every single piece multiple times after this experiment week, and even had one robbed from me. That's how covet-worthy they are. 

While I’ve never in my life even thought about ethical fashion - I'm someone who tends to run to whatever sale H&M is having - wearing Magdalena Concepts allowed me to feel proud of what I was wearing.

There's nothing better than knowing no one was harmed in the making of your tee.


About the author:

Sarah Benedith Intern Anarchy

My name is Sarah Benedith, I also go by Sabe (rhymes with babe). I’m a young AfroLatina princess, engulfed in this big curly crown on my head. I am an incoming college freshman at Temple University in Philadelphia and Magdalena Concepts newest and coolest intern. My plan is to be pre-med, and one day set up a gynecological clinic in an indigenous community. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Bbysabe.