Where do birds come from? Angerami enlightens us


This season, with our Brazil Collection, we brought to life a long-planned collaboration with Brazilian artist Evandro Angerami. The following is an interview with him. (View the birds being discussed here and here.)

Angerami uses travel as an immersive process in the nature, revealed through art in many different media. Traveling is a passion, which allows connection with his perception of time, space, spiritual awareness and human presence on earth.

The artist has a Master in Fine Arts, from NYSS, New York. His work is held in private collections in The Netherlands, Romania, Denmark, United States, Brazil and Russia. He has exhibited in private galleries, and public spaces, such as UN headquarters, in New York, Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto, Museum of Art of the Sao Paulo Parliament, and University of Mackenzie, in Brazil.

Why birds?

Nature was always present in my work. Birds belong to Nature. I also paint landscapes, fishes and other animal species, but for this collection we chose the Bird.

Where do your birds fly to and from?

I believe in external and internal landscapes. External landscapes are those that we can see, internal landscapes are those that live inside us. My birds fly from inside out, and from the outside in. 

If your birds could sing a message, which song would they sing to spread this word?

Landscapes are experiences of time, and time is infinite.

Is this your first Fashion x Art collaboration?

No. Some brands had already used my murals in São Paulo (Brazil) for their ad campaigns, but this the first time that someone uses my work as a starting point for an entire collection. I'm glad that it happened and I hope that these birds can handle much responsibility, and maybe even loan their wings to the people that wear them.  

Where do you think these two universes (fashion & arts) meet each other?

Art is a human activity, and as long as there are people, art will exist. Art and fashion meet in that which is most precious to them: the human being.

How did you and Magdalena decide to collaborate?

We've been discussing about this collaboration for the last two years, when she invited me to collaborate with Magdalena Concepts. We have mutual respect and admiration for each other's work, and that makes all the difference. These two years of conversations were essential to mature the way we would collaborate. I hope you like the results.