Change is good

Welcome to our new site!

Each business owner has their stories of mistakes they made, things they wish they could have known beforehand, but there is no teacher like experience, and that's why entrepreneurs love what they do: it takes guts, humility, and strength to get back up, analyze mistakes, and try again. Anyone who doesn't love it gets weeded out pretty early on.

I won't go into my own lengthy list of could haves, should haves, would haves here, but after nearly two years of focusing on the brand new human I'm responsible for (VP!) and letting the business take a back seat, my brand has changed. I've changed. And in the best way possible: my goal has always been to bring my business closer to my art (backstory: I'm trained in mixed media fine art, not fashion, technically), and I finally feel like that is happening. So I've been running with those changes, and the result is what you see here: a new line. Some classics and favorites included, but printed on all new tees that flatter both men and women. We've left the unisex behind, and we've included a collaboration with Brazilian 3D textile artist Gabriela Serigatto, again blending fashion and art.

What is this art I keep on about, you ask? Screen printing is a technique that's been used in art for centuries. From long before Andy Warhol's tomato soup and Marilyn, it was used as early as 960 AD in China. Technically I'd call the process a fusion between photography and stenciling, and it's possibly what I love most about my job: getting my hands dirty, ink under my nails, pulling up the screen and seeing the quality of each individual print, working quickly to beat the drying ink, minute decisions and results. It's a craft. So I don't outsource production. I make, and I stand by the finished product. Making something with care makes a difference to me, and wearing something handmade with care makes a difference in our economy. I hope it makes a difference to you, too.

So a few things have changed, evolved even. But our core is the same: we're going to keep standing by our focus on things made with care and fairness throughout the production chain; keep making shirts easy to wear and easy to love. We hope you'll wear them to pieces.